The hero of our stories, Gloomin is inquisitive, adventurous, and sometimes a bit too good at getting himself into mischief. Fortunately on the rare few times that he can’t get out of it himself, he has his friends to help…



Gothmidden is Gloomin’s love interest and partner in crime. Despite her warped sense of humour (and morality), she has a smart head on her shoulders.



Gloomin’s Maw is a dab hand with scales, measuring spoons and jugs, equally adept at turning out a virulent neurotoxin or a smashing cake.



Paw is quite an inventor – on a few occasions his dabbling has been successful with only minor loss of life!



Oli is a Posh Intern with a deep-seated love of shoes; which is a pity since she doesn’t actually have any feet. Poor Oli!



Wee Nik attached himself to the Gloomin family and speaks in incomprehensible sanchismos, in an equally incomprehensible Spanish dialect.

The Loch Jess Monster was a peace-loving sea beast until a series of run-ins with the Gloomin family saw her turn her will to their destruction…



What can one say of The Fannislackeners? These mysterious creatures have a mob mentality and turn up to any event. They have other uses too…