So many strips, so many characters. Who’s who (or whom)?

01-GLOOMINGloomin is, of course, the main strip.

This started as a one-off joke parodying a very famous character who we shall not name. It became popular in its own right, with the behaviours of the characters and the plotlines mutating beyond anything resembling the original strip. Sadly, the physical aspect of the characters themselves were just a bit too close to the originals, so changes had to be made.

They’ve returned after a hiatus, in a much-altered physical form – something or a relief, as the black hair and black dungarees were increasingly challenging to work with given the amount of detail shoehorned into the strip.

But the characters are still their wilful selves, with chaos and destruction following them at every turn. Gloomin, Midden, Maw and Paw are here for the long haul, and there may well be some familiar faces from their past making their presence felt in the future.

And yes, I kept the bow tie.


02-POSHINTERNSI’ve got a lot of love for the Posh Interns.

A lot of the strips – which border on the ridiculous – are based on things or conversations that actually happened when I was working at a very-well-known luxury fashion brand. There was (and still is) a tendency to recruit an endless stream of interns who were well-connected but scantily trained.

So we have Tara and Oli, who are based on an amalgam of said creatures.

They’re actually seahorses, with an inexplicable hunger for shoes, ponies and Krug Champagne. They crossed over into Gloomin a while back, so expect to see them make further appearances, and vice versa.




03-PENGUINAukward is the newest strip.

I’d put restrictions on the devices that I used in my other strips – no sound effects, very few caption boxes – and really wanted to do something with no dialogue whatsoever. Hell, it makes it easier to sell to other countries without paying translator fees, heh heh.

I’m enjoying this one, a lot, so expect to see a lot more of him.

He’s from Antarctica, but lives in Finland, which is an almost perfect combination for introversion.




04-HINDMOSTDevil Take The Hindmost really needs some explaining.

Actually, it’s probably inexplicable unless you’ve read the Ringworld and Known Space books by Larry Niven, and the Fleet of Worlds series that he wrote with Edward Lerner.

The stories revolve around Dobbin, one of a race of two-headed herbivores called Citizens by themselves, and Puppeteers by everyone else. They’re highly intelligent, vegetarians, and cowards; Dobbin is violent, frequently drunk and, like most of my characters, Scottish.

This is how I always imagined the Puppeteers to look – most contemporary artists portray them as somewhat avian. Sod it. I like mine chubby.

I have big plans for Dobbin, so keep an eye out for him in other strips too.



05-HORSEY…which brings us to Bad Horsey.

I don’t know what I was thinking but one day I sat down and in the space of an hour, knocked out some of the crudest cartoons ever made, in every form.

They’ve only got worse since then.

If you’ve come to this page looking for some sort of explanation, I have none. They exist, and more are coming every day.

#sorrynotsorry, as I believe the young ‘uns today say.




06-SODThere’s plenty of other stuff that will pop up that doesn’t really have a home.

These will be mostly one-shot strips that I couldn’t sell elsewhere, or ones that I didn’t even bother submitting.